[torqueusers] How to limit jobs on per-user basis

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Tue Jul 15 18:51:28 MDT 2008

----- "Jon Akers" <jka at hpc.ufl.edu> wrote:

> Looks like this is the solution that is working for us.
> By pushing it to the torque level instead of letting Moab
> deal with it, Moab never sees the job if it exceeds a set
> limit of jobs for that user. As such it  never adds it to
> a queue and instead it simply gets rejected.

At VPAC we prefer to let users queue the jobs and instead
set a limit on the number of running jobs and CPUs they
can have running and also limit the number of Idle (eligible)
jobs they can have waiting.

Then all the rest of their jobs end up in the blocked state
and we set Moab to not display other users blocked jobs by

That way they can queue all the jobs they want, but they
don't prevent other users running through queue stuffing.

When that user has some jobs finish then some of his other
jobs can start (if others don't have priority) and then
some of the blocked jobs become idle.

To me that's a much more elegant solution than simply
blocking them altogether.  If they're doing good research
we don't want to get in the way, but we reserve the right
to throttle their jobs (not the user!) for fairness.

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