[torqueusers] Toy routing queues not working correctly.

Corey Ferrier coreyf at CLEMSON.EDU
Fri Jul 11 09:41:20 MDT 2008

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 08:37:17AM -0400, Jeremy Hallum wrote:
>I'm working with some toy routing queues and I don't understand why
>these things aren't working.  Here's the specs:
>Torque 2.3.0
>the output of pbs_server is below:
>create queue small
>set queue small queue_type = Execution
>set queue small Priority = 20
>set queue small resources_max.nodes = 1
>set queue small resources_min.nodes = 1
>set queue small resources_default.nodes = 1
>set queue small enabled = True
>set queue small started = True

In torque 2.1.10, it work using 'nodect' rather than 'nodes', for example:

  set queue test resources_max.nodect = 10
  set queue test resources_min.nodect = 5

- Corey

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