[torqueusers] Job array throttling

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Thu Jul 10 19:11:29 MDT 2008

----- "Gabe Turner" <gabe at msi.umn.edu> wrote:

> We can work support for detecting '#PBS -t ...' into our submit
> filter, but I don't believe that will work if -t is passed on the
> qsub command line.

That's correct.

We have a similar issue with "accounts" - we let a user
specify an account in their PBS script and if they're not
in that project we change that to their default (most users
are only in one, but some are in multiple).

Because you can't modify command line arguments we chose
to just reject jobs that specify -A in our submit filter.

Might be the simplest choice for you too..

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