[torqueusers] Assistance creating "special" queues.

Marc Dupensky marc_dupensky at gawab.com
Wed Jul 9 03:16:14 MDT 2008

i would like to request assistance regarding the way we can create queues
to handle the following case. I'm quite new in the Torque world.. so that's
perhaps easy to do.
we have PBS/Torque jobs that configure (in the job file)  an environment
variable called for example VAR1.
We can imagine the following example :
job1 defines VAR1 = A
job2 defines VAR1 = A
job3 defines VAR1 = B
job4 defines VAR1 = C
We would like to find a way to limit the number of running processes, based
on the value of the VAR1 variable. So for example, if we set the limitation
to 2, we would like to see : 
1/ (job1+ job2)(A) running + job3
2/ when job1 ends, no new job starts as we already reached the limit
3/ When job2 ends, job4 starts.
Is there a way to do that ? 
thanks for your assistance,

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