[torqueusers] qsub -W depend=afterok:<array>

Brian O'Connor briano at sgi.com
Tue Jul 8 02:19:39 MDT 2008

back on Mon Mar 10 13:15:03 MDT 2008 March Glen Beane said;
On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 2:09 PM, James <jameskyle at ucla.edu
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> Greetings,
> We are converting our scripts over to Torque from SGE. Most options
> have a 1-to-1 conversion or with very little modification. However,
> I've run into one that is rather important for our work whose behavior
> is different from what I'd expect, in particular with job dependency
> and job arrays.

Regarding job arrays: these are still under development in Torque and
not feature complete at this time. I've tried to be clear about this in
my postings to the user and dev mailing list.

note that as of torque 2.3 the syntax for the -t argument will be
similar to

qsub -t 1-10 will result in a 10 job array.  qsub -t 10 will result in a
single job array with an array index of 10.  qsub -t 0-9 will give you
behavior of the old qsub -t 10

I'm almost done the qhold and qrls for entire arrays, and will soon move
to dependencies for entire arrays.  Also job arrays in 2.3 are much more
solid under the hood than they were in 2.2, hopefully the new features
come quick.
I am also planning a move away from SGE. fsl uses "qsub -hold_jid", and
it is a critical application, so I can't move
away from SGE until torque can do qsub -W depend=afterok:<job_id> to an
array. Is there an eta?  
Thanks for all the effort in making arrays work. It is much appreciated.

Brian O'Connor

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