[torqueusers] Problem with nodes allocation

Roger Williams R.Williams at gns.cri.nz
Thu Jul 3 02:50:24 MDT 2008

A reader sent me this mail reply, for which I'm grateful. Not sure if it 
made it to the list ...

>I find the problem here is the confusion between "nodes" and "cpus". I
>understand that nodes=5 means you want 5 CPUs not 5 nodes! I always
>recommend using ":ppn=X", ie -l nodes=5:ppn=2 to get 5 x 2CPU nodes.
>The $PBS_NODEFILE lists the node name of each CPU assigned, which
>would mean that in your case the $PBS_NODEFILE would have the first node
>listed five times.

No. I see only *one* line in  $PBS_NODEFILE in the case that I (and the 
others) have experienced. That is the symptom.

I have also tried the -l nodes=x:ppn=y syntax (I have 8 cores in each 
node). In those trials I get y lines of the first node only.

Again, can any of the Torque developers say if the cause of this problem 
was definitively identified and, if so, has it been fixed?

Roger Williams, GNS Science, New Zealand : www.gns.cri.nz : xyzzy

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