[torqueusers] help to a new user

Claudio Destri Claudio.Destri at mib.infn.it
Tue Jul 1 16:21:49 MDT 2008

Is there something wrong in this procedure to set up a torque queue with 
some limitation:

 	resources_max.ncpus = some_number
 	acl_host_enable = False
 	acl_hosts = some_node_list

Neither seems to have any effects whatsoever in my installation of 
torque-2.1.6 runing on a linux cluster with centOS 4.4.
In other words, users can still submit jobs to that queue without any 
I thought that maybe upgrading torque would improve things, so a downloaded, 
compiled and installed torque-2.3.0, but things got even worse: all processes 
of a job got concentrated on the first available node rather than scatter as 
required by the #PBS -l nodes=.... instruction in the submit script.
So I backgraded to torque-2.1.6 and tried to put in maui, which seems to 
provide better control anyway. This time the problems were in the integration: 
maui was not recognized as the scheduler by the pbs-server.
In this case I tried to follow the instructions in the Maui-PBS 
Integration Guide, but probably missed something.

So this is it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

 			CLAUDIO DESTRI   Claudio.Destri at mib.infn.it
                         DIPARTIMENTO DI FISICA G. OCCHIALINI,
                         UNIVERSITA` MILANO-BICOCCA
                         PIAZZA DELLA SCIENZA 3, 20126 MILANO
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