[torqueusers] qsub slows down

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 08:23:51 MST 2008

>> Occasionally we generate a large number of small jobs (~300) and submit
>> them in a loop.  We've noticed that qsub seems to take longer than
>> expected after a while.
>> Is anything we can do to more quickly submit these small jobs.

Hi Steve,

please first tell us your Torque version.
Older versions were running in "sync" mode for their filehandles, 
whereas newer ones usually dont't.

Then please also tell us your kernel version/OS, memory size and 
hardware (hardware RAID? on-board cache controller?).

There are a handful of knobs where you can improve the situation.

My system can handle a fair amount of submissions before it slows down.


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