[torqueusers] compiling Torque / Maui with 64 bit gcc

Thomas H Dr Pierce TPierce at rohmhaas.com
Wed Jan 9 13:34:36 MST 2008

Dear Torque/Maui Users,

I searched the archives and I cannot find the correct documentation for 
upgrading to 64 bits.

Torque 2.1.10  compiled fine and generated 
torque-package-devel-linux-x86_64.sh   torque-package-doc-linux-x86_64.sh 
torque-package-mom-linux-x86_64.sh   torque-package-server-linux-x86_64.sh

But I cannot find in the archives how to compile maui-3.2.6p19 in 64 bits. 
It seems to default to 32 bits and then it won't link up with Torque 64bit 
mom servers.

So should I recompile Torque as 32 bits?  This is probably the simplest 
approach and I can link to the older 32bit systems that still exist (and 
are hard to kill off) but what flag is needed  for configure to make 
Torque compile 32 bits in the Makefile?

   Tom Pierce
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