[torqueusers] different jobs pere node in different queues

Egor Tur worldeb at ukr.net
Thu Feb 28 09:56:21 MST 2008

 Hi folk.

Please comment next config:


standard config


there are two queue q1 and q2.


create queue q2
set queue q2 queue_type = Execution
set queue q2 resources_default.nodes = 1
set queue q2 resources_default.walltime = 100:00:00
set queue q2 enabled = True
set queue q2 started = True

create queue q1
set queue q1 queue_type = Execution
set queue q1 resources_default.walltime = 500:00:00
set queue q1 acl_group_enable = True
set queue q1 acl_groups = userq1
set queue q1 acl_group_sloppy = True
set queue q1 enabled = True
set queue q1 started = True

set server scheduling = True
set server managers = root at server.local
set server operators = root at server.local
set server default_queue = q2
set server log_events = 511
set server mail_from = adm
set server query_other_jobs = True
set server scheduler_iteration = 600
set server node_check_rate = 150
set server tcp_timeout = 6
set server pbs_version = 2.1.8

maui is 3.2.6p20

What need:
we have 4 cpu per node. We have to use only 3 PCU per node in q2 queue & 1 CPU per node in q1 queue.

this config working when I submit jobs in q1 queue firstly.
But when I submit jobs in queue q2 and for example there are 2 jobs per CPU and after this I submit 2 jobs to q1 queue, these 2 jobs running on the same node, but as I understand (and I want) only one jobs per node in queue q1 must be running.

Please explain me what I do not correctly and how I can configure torque & maui in my case?


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