[torqueusers] Torque Mac OS leopard (10.5.2)

barman barman at lowell.edu
Mon Feb 25 08:02:01 MST 2008

Hi Glen,

thank you so much for testing this -- this at least tells me that
my problem is not necessarily a "bug" with torque+leopard.

As far as I can tell the firewall is not active on my machines.

system_profiler  reports


     Firewall Settings:

       Mode: Allow all incoming connections

And I have zero service (i.e. firewall, dhcp, etc.) selected in the
server admin tools "service" pane.

Were your server_priv and mom_priv config files setup in a similar
manner as my configuration?


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On Feb 24, 2008, at 10:02 AM, Glen Beane wrote:

> Hi Travis,
> I just tried the latest 2.3.0 snapshot on my Leopard developer  
> build and I was able to queue and run a job, and I did not have the  
> job hang with status E
> can you try turning off Leopard Server's firewall?

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