[torqueusers] (no subject)

Luca raskolnikoff77 at yahoo.it
Fri Feb 22 08:14:03 MST 2008

Ronny T. Lampert wrote:
>>> You set this in the server config via qmgr.
>>> Each system that submits needs a name that
>>> won't change, or needs to come from a pool
>>> of DHCP names that will always have access.
>>> qmgr -c 'set server submit_hosts = sys_name_1'
>>> qmgr -c 'set server submit_hosts += sys_name_2'
>>> qmgr -c 'set server submit_hosts += sys_name_3'
>>> qmgr -c 'set server allow_node_submit = True'
>>> -Miles
>> I tried this solution, but I keep gettin a "qsub: Bad UID for job 
>> execution" error. Do you have any idea why?
> 1) Did you already add your hostname where you execute "qsub" into 
> ~/.rhosts ?
> If not, please do so.

For clarity, let's call client (which is not running pbs_server, neither 
pbs_mom) "laptop", the server (running pbs_server+mom) "server", plus 
there's some worker nodes running just pbs_mom.

I added a file laptop:~/.rhosts with "laptop.fqdn.com", but I'm not 
sure: is this what you suggested? Am I supposed to create that file on 
server, on laptop or where? In any case, after my attempt it didn't 
work. I tried to create the file on user at server:~/.rhosts and even in 
server:/etc/.rhosts or /etc/rhosts but it didn't change anything.

> 2) Do you try to submit jobs as root?

No, I do run as some user. The only concern about users might be that 
server and workers authenticate users through LDAP, while my laptop does 
not (it authenticates the user who launches a job against its own 
laptop:/etc/passwd file).

Currently, I set up the user running the job on the laptop with the same 
username, UID, GID of LDAP, but this is in general a too strict 
requirement and I'd skip it if possible; additionally, it doesn't work 
even if I did this.

Where do you think the problem is?
Thanks, Luca

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