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Luca raskolnikoff77 at yahoo.it
Fri Feb 22 05:45:15 MST 2008

Miles O'Neal wrote:
> Luca Telloli said...
> |
> |=0A=0AHello everyone,=0A    I've been able to install a small cluster runni=
> |ng Torque and maui which=0Aso far works well. The architecture is the usual=
> |: one server=0A(pbs_server), multiple clients (pbs_mom), and users connect =
> |to any of=0Athe clients to submit a job.=0A=0ANow, I'd like to be able to a=
> |llow users to submit jobs from their own=0Alaptops, but so far all tests I =
> |tried failed. I want to be able to allow=0Aa machine instead of  <user, mac=
> |hine> because each user own its own=0Alaptop and is responsible for it.=0A=
> |=0AI tried adding the laptop client hostname to the /etc/hosts.equiv on the=
> |=0Apbs_server node and/or to set acl_hosts values on it but neither=0Asolut=
> |ion did work? Any suggestion?=0A=0AThanks for any help you could provide.=
> You set this in the server config via qmgr.
> Each system that submits needs a name that
> won't change, or needs to come from a pool
> of DHCP names that will always have access.
> qmgr -c 'set server submit_hosts = sys_name_1'
> qmgr -c 'set server submit_hosts += sys_name_2'
> qmgr -c 'set server submit_hosts += sys_name_3'
> qmgr -c 'set server allow_node_submit = True'
> -Miles

I tried this solution, but I keep gettin a "qsub: Bad UID for job 
execution" error. Do you have any idea why?


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