[torqueusers] Torque with OpenMPI

Jozef Káčer quickparser at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 10:09:42 MST 2008

This was great Craig! I would never tell that the code might be buggy.
I copied the recompiled binary to all my nodes (I don't still have NFS).
Now, when I run the code like this:

q-parser at f135-3:~$ mpirun -np 7 --hostfile zoznam test_app
0(f135-4): We have 7 processors
0(f135-4): Hello 1! Processor 1 (f135-5) reporting for duty

0(f135-4): Hello 2! Processor 2 (f135-6) reporting for duty

0(f135-4): Hello 3! Processor 3 (f135-7) reporting for duty

0(f135-4): Hello 4! Processor 4 (f135-8) reporting for duty

0(f135-4): Hello 5! Processor 5 (f135-9) reporting for duty

0(f135-4): Hello 6! Processor 6 (f135-11) reporting for duty

It seems to me that one processor is still lost, but I have no bug info with
However, when I run it using torque, the job seems to be hung. 'showq' shows
that the job is running but never finishes.

q-parser at f135-3:~$ showq
ACTIVE JOBS--------------------

113                q-parser    Running     7    00:49:29  Thu Feb 21

     1 Active Job        7 of   22 Processors Active (31.82%)
                         4 of   11 Nodes Active      (36.36%)

My script looks like this:


#PBS -N test_job
#PBS -q batch
#PBS -l nodes=7
#PBS -l cput=00:02:00

mpirun ./test_app
exit 0

All my nodes are running now. qstat -f tells me that the job was assigned to
these hosts:

    exec_host =

I'm thankful for your time and effort.

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 5:37 PM, Craig West <cwest at astro.umass.edu> wrote:

> Jozef,
> It is buggy code. The simple problem is that idstr is only 32 chars.
> When you sprintf the long string at line 45 of the code you are writing
> past the end of the idstr buffer, segfaults and like will occur. Change
> the size of idstr to be 64 and try again. Don't go too much bigger than
> 64 as you will cause problems with BUFSIZE.
> I should note that it crashed here when I ran it, works fine with the
> idstr[64].
> > If anybody might know of anything that could help me I'm listening.
> Craig.
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