[torqueusers] What is the difference between PBS and Torque?

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 08:48:45 MST 2008

On Feb 18, 2008 4:37 PM, Omer Khalid <Omer.Khalid at cern.ch> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am a newbee to Torque/PBS/OpenPBS/PBSPro world and I am trying to
> understand the precise differences between. So I have understood is that
> PBSPro is the high-end version of PBS but in the documentations I always
> find Torque/PBS as resource managers. Are they the same the thing and got
> their names changed recently or they are different resource managers being
> exclusive or complementry to each other?
> Thanks in advance, cheers

TORQUE is a fork of OpenPBS.  It started as OpenPBS along with many of the
popular community patches that were available for OpenPBS at the time.

Since then a lot of work has been put into TORQUE to make it more stable and
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