[torqueusers] (no subject)

Luca Telloli raskolnikoff77 at yahoo.it
Fri Feb 15 09:48:27 MST 2008

Hello everyone,
    I've been able to install a small cluster running Torque and maui which
so far works well. The architecture is the usual: one server
(pbs_server), multiple clients (pbs_mom), and users connect to any of
the clients to submit a job.

Now, I'd like to be able to allow users to submit jobs from their own
laptops, but so far all tests I tried failed. I want to be able to allow
a machine instead of  <user, machine> because each user own its own
laptop and is responsible for it.

I tried adding the laptop client hostname to the /etc/hosts.equiv on the
pbs_server node and/or to set acl_hosts values on it but neither
solution did work? Any suggestion?

Thanks for any help you could provide.


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