Workaround Re: [torqueusers] Non-cummulative pbsnodes -o command

John Wang jwang at
Thu Feb 14 16:23:06 MST 2008

Hello James

Scripting wrappers is probably a suitable solution for the current cluster
size but I suspect that it wouldn't take long to exceed the line limitations
of a given command.   The clusters at this site are only 128 nodes but at my
previous job, we had clusters of about 6,000 nodes, quite a change to go
from a large production cluster to a small development cluster.   My
previous employer embedded the scheduling functionality into their own
application but my current employer wants a more generic HPC environment.

Where did you get your Torque 2.1.2 installation?   Binary rpm's? Source?
Cluster Resources? Or elsewheres?   I had compiled from source downloaded
from Cluster Resources using the defaults from the ./configure script.


On 2/14/08 12:32 PM, "James J Coyle" <jjc at> wrote:

> John,
>    I don't get this behavior (version 2.1.2), but it world be quite annoying
> if I did.
>    If you'd like a fairly easy workaround, put the following script
> in a file ahead of /usr/local/bin in your PATH and name it pbsnodes,
> E.g. call it /local/bin/pbsnodes
> the issue chmod u+x /local/bin/pbsnodes
> and then (if your in the csh or tcsh)
> setenv PATH /local/bin:${PATH}
> rehash  
> Now pbsnodes -o
> should work as you want it to, as pbsnodes with no -o
> passes unchanged to /usr/local/bin/pbsnodes
> An easy mod makes this work with -d
> once that becomes available.
> #!/bin/ksh
> PBSDIR=/usr/local/bin
> OFLAG_PRESENT=`echo $* | grep '\-o'`
> if [ -n "${OFLAG_PRESENT}" ] ; then
>   ALREADY_OFFLINE="`${PBSDIR}/pbsnodes -l | awk '/offline/ {print $1}'`"
>   ${PBSDIR}/pbsnodes $* ${ALREADY_OFFLINE}
> else
>   ${PBSDIR}/pbsnodes $*
> fi

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