[torqueusers] Non-cummulative pbsnodes -o command

John Wang jwang at dataseekonline.com
Thu Feb 14 11:09:20 MST 2008

Hello Miles

Interesting, that's what your example did with my torque 2.2.1 cluster.
With the torque 2.0.0p7 cluster, that example just returned nothing, however
it behaved in that fashion if the -a argument was added.

I guess I'll have to add that to my list of beefs about torque.


On 2/13/08 5:57 PM, "Miles O'Neal" <meo at intrinsity.com> wrote:

> John Wang said...
> |When using the command =B3pbsnode =ADo =ADN =8Cmessage=B9 node1 node2 ...=B2
> to drain
> |nodes, we have to list all the nodes that we want to stay drained in that
> |single command ie.: even if a node was previously drained for another
> |reason, issuing a =B3pbsnode =ADo=B2 command without specifying the
> previously
> |drained nodes results in those nodes being marked online instead of offline=
> |.
> Not here.  We went through various versions
> of PBS, and now torque (2.1.8) with no such
> behavior.
>    pbsnodes -o sys1 sys2 [...] # works
>    pbsnodes -o sys1 sys2 [...] # works
> My beef (and it's a small one, but it's there)
> is that while the above work,
>    pbsnodes sys1 sys2
> will only report status on the first node listed.
> -Miles

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