[torqueusers] Non-cummulative pbsnodes -o command

John Wang jwang at dataseekonline.com
Wed Feb 13 15:41:10 MST 2008

This is probably a fairly basic beef about Torque but it has been bugging
the hell out of me.

When using the command ³pbsnode ­o ­N Œmessage¹ node1 node2 ...² to drain
nodes, we have to list all the nodes that we want to stay drained in that
single command ie.: even if a node was previously drained for another
reason, issuing a ³pbsnode ­o² command without specifying the previously
drained nodes results in those nodes being marked online instead of offline.

This is truly ridiculous, it¹s like playing a game of bonk the gopher.   It
is conceivable to have more nodes that you would want drained then can be
specified on a single line and there should be no reason for us to have to
independently track what nodes should be offline.
As near as I can tell, most people avoid this with creative workarounds such
as shutting down the pbs_mom daemon on the nodes to be offline or by
creating very specific reservations.   I¹d imagine that there may be more
such creative workarounds spurring more diversity in operational practices.

So the question is, how do you work around this ridiculous behaviour at your
site and is there any valid technical reason for pbsnodes to work in this

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