[torqueusers] Help with Torque routing queue configuration

Mike P Moore Mike.Moore at appliedbiosystems.com
Wed Feb 13 07:04:46 MST 2008


  I am trying to configure a routing queue that will submit a job to one 
of 3 execution queue based on
the filesystem being used in the job.  I have a 54 node cluster running 
Rocks 4.1 with Torque 2.1.2. 
All of the compute nodes have access to the three filesystems that are 
used in the jobs that the users
run.  We've found that with the particular application we are running, we 
can swamp the any given
fileserver with ~20 jobs accessing that filesystem.  Once we go past that 
point, the wall time on the
job greatly exceeds the cpu time of the job (indicating that the job is 
being throttled by disk access).

  Now, what I would like to do is have the users submit their jobs to a 
routing queue (let's call it Route)
which would be configured to submit job to 3 execution queues (let's call 
them execute-fs1 through fs3).
I have the 3 execution queues to allow up to 20 jobs to be running in each 

  The problem I have is that I am not sure what to configure in the queues 
to limit the jobs based on 
the filesystem that is being used by the job.  I plan on changing the 
submission commands used 
by the users to include information on what filesystem they are using.  I 
would like the routing queue
to take each job and submit it to the execution queues and have the queue 
reject the job if it did not
use the filesystem that queue is configured for. 

  Is it possible to do this?  Or would I just have to configure the 3 
execution queues and have the
submission command choose what queue to use?  I would like to be able to 
use the routing queue
as it would simplify things for the users.

Thank you for any help.

- Mike
Michael P. Moore
Senior Network Engineer
Applied Biosystems - High Throughput Discovery Division
P: 508-383-7486
ONNET: 685-7486
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