[torqueusers] Torque set up problem: simple jobs not executing and files undelivered

Adil Mughal adil.m.mughal at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 10:26:55 MST 2008

Dear Experts

I am having a problem getting the most simple job to run using torque. I enter

> echo "sleep 30" | qsub

on the master (not as root of course).



on the master as root gives:

Job id              Name             User            Time Use S Queue
------------------- ---------------- --------------- -------- - -----
94.dphpc1011        STDIN            guest1          00:00:00 E batch

at no point does the job status register as "R" - it appears to be stuck in "E".

I also found that the .ER and .OU files for the jobs are not being
delivered and are piling up in /var/spool/torque/undelivered. Here is
the content of these files as a result of running > echo "sleep 30" |


stdin: is not a tty

and in .OU    I get

Terminal type (default=dumb) : Terminal type
/var/spool/torque/mom_priv/jobs/94.dphpc101.SC invalid - using dumb
You are now running on dphpc1001 in a BASH environment.

Any ideas what this means? How can I get my jobs to execute??

Also I am using an nfs system - here is the content of my mom_priv/config file:

$pbsserver dphpc1011.dph.xxxx.xx.xx

$usecp dphpc1011.dph.xxxx.xx.xx:/home  /home

$logevent       255

Any ideas why the .ER and .OU files are not going to the right places??

As usual many kind thanks in advance!!!!


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