[torqueusers] number of processors parameter

Marc Noguera marc at klingon.uab.es
Wed Feb 6 03:14:56 MST 2008

Dear list,

we are running torque 2.1.8 on a small cluster (60 nodes) with different 
SMP configurations. That is, some nodes run 2 processors, some 4 
processors (2 dual core), and some of them run 8 processors (2 quad 
core). I am trying to figure out how can I submit a calculation using, 
for instance, 6 processors without specifying how I want these 
processors distributed into the nodes.  For instance, if I try to run a 
6 procs job on 2 8-core machines I would like the job to be executed 
either if one node has 5 free cores and the other has three, o both have 
for free cores or whatever combination possible.
I have checked the manual and I can only see how to ask for a number n 
of nodes with a specifyc ppn parameter. Is there any way with torque 
manager to achieve this kind of flexibility?

Thank you in advance


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