[torqueusers] How to give torque admin privileges to a normal

Miles O'Neal meo at intrinsity.com
Tue Dec 23 09:26:11 MST 2008

Justin Finnerty replied to someone:

|> I tried setting up an user as the manager.

I don't believe the OP mentioned how they did this.
But the following should work for general torque management:

   sudo qmgr -c 'set server managers = user1@*'
   sudo qmgr -c 'set server managers += user2@*'

and so on.  We have a limited number of people who
can do this, but we do include some emergency backup
people so there's always someone who can easily do
things.  Most are sysadmins aat some level, but a
couple are purely torque admins.  We *could* rely on
sudo for this, but for the core group, it's easier
this way.

We almost never edit config files, but rather do
things through the commands, such as qmgr.  We,
like Justin's shop, handle almost everything else
through sudo.

Also, Justin mentioned that maui and torque should almost
never have to be restarted.  We have found this not to be
true, although I suspect we are a fringe case.  But we have
found that when we have to take a system offline from torque
and them put it back (via pbsnodes), there's a non-trivial
chance it won't get jobs for hours and hours.  Restarting
maui resolves this.  But maybe 2% to 5% of the time, when
maui restarts, pbs_server won't talk with it, so we have to
do the following:

   sudo /sbin/service maui stop
   sudo /sbin/service pbs_server stop
   sudo /sbin/service pbs_server start
   sudo /sbin/service maui start


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