[torqueusers] How to give torque admin privileges to a normal user

Justin Finnerty justin.finnerty at uni-oldenburg.de
Tue Dec 23 02:12:08 MST 2008

> Hi,
> I'm a newbie of torque.
> I tried setting up an user as the manager. But, the user is not able to
> start/stop the daemons. Also, he is not able to run momctl command.
> I want the user to
> 1) Edit the configuration files.

In practise, the torque config files actually change very rarely and
mainly reflect physical changes to the cluster (eg new nodes, changed
filesystems etc).  Here they are therefore co-managed by the queue manager
and the sysadmins.  We have the config files in a version control system
that the queue manager and sysadmins can access.  Then changes are updated
on the machines from the version control system.

Although you didn't mention the scheduler you use, we run 'maui' as the
scheduler and it is installed and run as the user of the queue manager. 
Therefore all config files are owned by this user so they can be directly
edited.  The daemon start-up script is modified to also start maui using
this user rather than root.

> 2) Start, Stop the daemons.

We start/stop the daemons as part of the standard start-up/shutdown
procedure.  Therefore the manager very rarily needs to do this manually. 
If I had the choice I would keep this as a sysadmin activity.

Otherwise I would use the "sudo" program to allow the user start/stop the

> 3) Be able to run all the torque commands.

Use the "sudo" program to allow the user access to momctl etc.

> 4) Setup new queues.

All queue managers should be able to run qmgr so they should be able to do
this already.


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