[torqueusers] Problem with nodes allocation

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 19:55:55 MST 2008

On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 4:46 AM, Roger Williams <R.Williams at gns.cri.nz> wrote:
> Thanks to some excellent (off-list) diagnosis from Glen Beane, the problem
> of "only one node" allocation has been identified as being provoked by
> these statements in my server and queue setup:
>  qmgr -c 'set server resources_available.nodect = 999999'
>  qmgr -c 'set queue batch resources_available.nodect = 999999'
> This configuration (which comes from many torque.setup sample scripts to
> be found on the net) is seemingly wrong and/or a problem with newer
> versions of Torque. If you omit (or unset) the resource, then node
> allocation behaves as it should.

We probably should look into why setting these to this value causes
the "only one node" allocation problem.  I don't think it's a real
high priority at this point though.

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