[torqueusers] Is that possible to run two pbs_server daemons for the same cluster for fall-over purpose?

James J Coyle jjc at iastate.edu
Fri Dec 12 13:33:11 MST 2008


   The developers can answer your original question, but I'm 
guessing you cannot.  Because trying to start a second server gives
you the message:

pbs_server: another server running

    What I do instead is have a cron script run the following script 
once each hour on my head node: (I used to run this every 15 minutes)


PS_PBS_SCHED=`/bin/ps -aef | grep pbs_sched | grep -v grep`
if [ -z "$PS_PBS_SCHED" ] ; then

PS_PBS_SERVER=`/bin/ps -aef | grep pbs_server | grep -v grep`
if [ -z "$PS_PBS_SERVER" ] ; then

I have a similar script for pbs_mom on the compute nodes.

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