[torqueusers] Re: pbs mom_logs. "no active process found"

Rahul Nabar rpnabar at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 11:16:03 MST 2008

>Do you have this set in your PBS server ?
>set server mom_job_sync = True
>It's meant to get the pbs_mom to remove jobs on
>compute nodes when they've already gone from the

Thanks Chris! I issued a "print server" on my master-node.  No, I
could not find the setting you mention. I can give that a shot.

But here's a risk though: Currently we can momentarily lose
connectivity with the pbs_server and the compute nodes will continue
to do their jobs. Will this new setting have the side effect of
flushing all jobs from the compute nodes if they cannot talk to the
master-node / the pbs_server? That is the interpretation of "already
gone from the server"?


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