[torqueusers] Want to set up a queue which automatically holds jobs

Harper, RM (Rob) rob.harper at stfc.ac.uk
Tue Dec 9 02:51:47 MST 2008

Thanks to Prakash, Nate and Justin for your help and advice.  

> Would you be able to set max_runnable on the queue to 0 to get what
you are 
> looking for? I am not sure, but something to try.

That may well do the job.  I'll check it out.

> qsub -h cmd.sh

A good, simple solution, but I need to run the job through the grid job
submission method, so this isn't really what I need.  Thanks for the
thought though.

> I use maui reservations for this.  I set some sort of administrative 
> reservation on the node I want to test then submit a job to that node.

I hadn't thought of that.  I'll certainly check that out.  (We use Maui,
so it could do the job.)

I also had another suggestion from elsewhere to have jobs require a
testing property on the workers, which should keep the jobs waiting
until/unless that property is set.

I'll have a play with all these options (I'm still new to Torque, so
it's a good learning opportunity) and see which solution I like best.

Thanks again,
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