[torqueusers] Want to set up a queue which automatically holds jobs

Harper, RM (Rob) rob.harper at stfc.ac.uk
Fri Dec 5 05:34:34 MST 2008


I need to find a way to hold jobs in a queue to allow release later.

The background...

I have a Torque 2.3 system managing job queues for a scientific
computing cluster and need to run test jobs where I can control on which
nodes each job is run.  Until recently this was done by stopping a
queue, submitting jobs to it, then using qrun to release jobs as

Unfortunately the method used to submit jobs (through a grid workload
manager) has recently changed and no longer appears willing to submit to
a stopped queue.  I have to use this method to submit as it is part of
the system I am trying to test top to bottom.

Submitting jobs and then using qhold is not really practical as it is
not always possible to tell when a job will appear in a queue and the
cluster is such that these jobs usually do not wait around very long.

I have been looking through the Torque documentation and Googling but
have not been able to find a way I can systematically hold jobs in one
specific queue.  Can anyone please point me towards some way of doing
this?  My initial hunch was to try to get the queue to put a hold on
everything submitted, but I can't see how to do this, so I may be
barking up the wrong tree.

Many thanks for reading this far!

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