[torqueusers] torque daemons can not be stopeed duringuninstall

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Fri Dec 5 00:28:26 MST 2008

----- "Bogdan Costescu" <Bogdan.Costescu at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de> wrote:

> The removal of the package should not leave anything behind.

I think that depends on the packaging system, DEB packages
from Debian/Ubuntu/etc have a separate conffile section that
includes the rc scripts.

A standard package removal (apt-get remove $foo) should
leave those behind as they may include local configuration
information that would be useful at a later date if it is
reinstalled.  The same goes for logfiles (though for a
different reason obviously).

You can tell it to remove those too by adding the --purge
option when removing, or remove them at a later date using
dpkg --purge $foo instead.

It's worth noting that Debian packages stop daemons on
removal as standard (according to the DD who's sitting
opposite to me on the train :-)) but upgrades are treated
differently - you don't want your SSH daemon getting stopped
part way through, and then having the upgrade abort!

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