[torqueusers] torque daemons can not be stopeed duringuninstall

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I have never used RPM to stop running daemons when removing packages for an other application.  Is this something that is commonly done?  I don't believe RPM is typically used to do this just to ensure a clean removal of the package.  In fact, I can visualize clear danger in doing so, with some serious side effects when running production systems.
My vote goes to leaving the shutdown procedures of daemons to administrators, as Garrick suggests.  In this way, sites know that there was a conscious decision to remove torque and not simply an accidentthat occurred.  Is it so difficult to shutdown the daemons prior to using RPM to remove the package?  I don't know how your configuration is setup, but in ours, it is as simple to do a two step process as a one step process to remove TORQUE.
Just my $.02.
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>> Garrick:
>> Well. Will the Torque user still want the daemon running, when he
>> removes Torque packages? I can see few possibility here. Usually
>> uninstall means the admin do not want one software any more.
>Can RPM tell a install/uninstall from an upgrade ?
We can use $1 to differentiate uninstall and update.

>If it can't then you probably don't want to kill everything
>if you're just upgrading pbs_mom.
>We don't use RPM's for our Torque, it's all served
>from /usr/local/ from the cluster management node,
>makes life a lot easier!
I agree cluster admins can use Torque not in RPM. But as the general package format on Linux, RPM does have some advantages. If we can fix this minor issue, that would be helpful.
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