[torqueusers] how to interpret resources_used.mem?

Roger Moye moye at rice.edu
Thu Aug 28 11:11:22 MDT 2008


We are using Torque 2.3.0.  I have a question about information for 
completed jobs such as resources_used.mem.   Is this showing me the 
maximum amount of memory used by the job, an average, or something 
else?  I have looked through the documentation and can not find this 
defined anywhere.

The specific issue is that we have a user on our cluster who would like 
to monitor the cpu time and maximum memory used by his jobs.  The best I 
could come up with for memory is resources_used.mem but it seems that 
this value is understated on a test job that I ran today. 

Mailing list threads on this topic are old so I thought I'd pose the 

Thanks in advance.

Roger Moye
Linux Cluster Administrator
Rice University
Dept. of Academic and Research Computing
Research Computing Support Group
(713) 348-5756
moye at rice.edu

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