[torqueusers] pbstools 2.0 released

Troy Baer troy at osc.edu
Tue Aug 19 11:03:31 MDT 2008


This is a collection of utilities that have been developed at OSC
to aid in the administration and management of PBS variants (including
OpenPBS, PBS Pro, and TORQUE).  They have been developed primarily on
Linux clusters, but most of them should be applicable to virtually any
system running PBS.

Changes and additions in this release:

* An optional MPI-based replacement for pbsdcp's scatter logic which
scales much better than the existing rcp-based logic.  This code was
developed by Ganesh Vijayakumar as part of the 2008 Google Summer of
Code program.

* An MPI-based "parallel command processor" for those of us who just
can't wait for job arrays in TORQUE. :)

* Man pages for all user- and admin-level commands.

* A make-based install procedure.

* Numerous small web/DB improvements.

Comments and suggestions on this software are welcomed.

Troy Baer, Supercomputing Support Engineer
Ohio Supercomputer Center
Phone:  614-292-9701

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