[torqueusers] Release of TORQUE 2.3.3

Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Fri Aug 15 11:34:18 MDT 2008


We have released a new official version of TORQUE: 2.3.3. This release was made so soon after 2.3.2 
(which was only released two weeks ago) because we discovered a serious bug that could cause pbs_mom 
daemons to not properly reconnect to the pbs_server in cases of network disruption. For some users, 
this resulted in large numbers of compute nodes in a state of "down" and the only way to recover 
them was to manually restart the pbs_mom daemon.

If you are concerned about or experience this issue with TORQUE 2.3.2, but cannot upgrade yet to 
2.3.3, restarting the pbs_mom should bring the compute node back to full health.

A list of changes in 2.3.3 follows:

c - crash     b - bug fix    e - enhancement    f - new feature
   b - fixed bug where pbs_mom would sometimes not connect properly with pbs_server after network
   b - changed so run_pelog opens correct stdout/stderr when join is used
   b - corrected pbs_server man page for SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2
   f - added new pbs_track command which may be used to launch an external process and a pbs_mom will
       then track the resource usage of that process and attach it to a specified job (experimental)
       (special thanks to David Singleton and David Houlder from APAC)
   e - added alternate method for sending cluster addresses to mom (compile with -DALT_CLSTR_ADDR)

Thanks again to all who have been helping out with TORQUE development, submitting bugs, answering 
questions, and giving feedback about 2.3.2!


Josh Butikofer
Cluster Resources, Inc.

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