[torqueusers] Maui config for min memory but fast procs

Tom Rudwick tomr at intrinsity.com
Thu Aug 14 13:58:49 MDT 2008

What we do is kind-of low-tech, but seems to work.

We use FIRSTAVAILABLE, to make our scheduling fast, and then
reorder the nodes in our nodes file to put them in the order
we would want them used. So we sort the nodes to put least
memory first, and then within memory groups, we put the fastest
machines first. So that way, the first machine in the list that
has the available memory for the job will be the best fit, and
reserves the big-memory machines for jobs that have to search
all the way to the end of the list to find a node with enough
memory. You could probably implement a lot of different strategies
just by reordering your nodes file in a certain way.


> Let's say I  have this situation:
> 	nodeA   32 GB RAM	  fast proc
> 	nodeB   8 GB RAM    fast proc
> 	nodeC	  8 GB RAM    slow proc

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