[torqueusers] Submission script: Requesting cpus rather than nodes with cpus.

Graham Inggs graham.inggs at uct.ac.za
Tue Aug 5 02:54:15 MDT 2008

Rob Lines wrote:

> The 64 one dies when you ask for 64 nodes so the work around had been 
> to ask for 16 nodes with ppn=4 but we don't end up with 16 nodes 
> completely empty hardly ever as we have some single cpu jobs that have 
> run for a week or better and we had our NODEALLOCATEIONPOLICY set to 
> CPULOAD but that results in single cpu jobs being spread out across 
> lots of nodes so it takes a while before it before they become free.

Try the following:
# qmgr -c 'set server resources_available.nodect=64'

As per:

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