[torqueusers] Two Torques with the same queue?

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Mon Aug 4 07:51:13 MDT 2008

We run two seperate instances of Torque/Maui for our computational needs.
One normal and the second running on tcp port 36001. This has worked great
in the past, however, after our upgrade to Rocks 5, running qstat on the
different queues show the same output. Even running checkjob shows the
same thing. How can the two different running services display the same
information? I'm afraid this will conflict with our Grid jobs.

FYI, the normal torque installation is for our Grid jobs which are high
priority, and the second installation of torque is for low priority, niced
19 jobs.

Jeremy Mann
jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu

University of Texas Health Science Center
Bioinformatics Core Facility
Phone: (210) 567-2672

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