[torqueusers] host not authorized

Steve Snelgrove ssnelgrove at clusterresources.com
Fri Apr 25 11:44:14 MDT 2008

I am very sorry to have introduced this problem.  It had to do with an 
attempt at dealing with a pbs_server with multiple Ethernet interfaces 
where they wanted the high level server traffic to go over one interface 
and the mom traffic to go over the other.  In attempting to solve this 
(done back when 2.3 was the developement branch) the code to insert the 
pbs_server into the okclients list was removed.  I have replaced this 
code yesterday and fixed the problem in 2.3 and 2.4(trunk).


Again, I am very sorry to have caused this problem and am thankful for 
the many good eyes who have correctly pointed out the place in the code 
where the error was observed.  Thanks.

Brock Palen wrote:
> I am having trouble setting up torque on a host.  I have done this 
> many times, but I cant figure out why the mom will not accept commands 
> from the server.
> When I try to do 'qrun'  on the server,  (I am a manager and operator)
> qrun: Execution server rejected request REJHOST=nyx190.engin.umich.edu 
> MSG=cannot send job to nyx190.engin.umich.edu, state=PRERUN 
> 1.gridlock.engin.umich.edu
> I also can't use momctl from the server:
> gridlock% /usr/local/sbin/momctl -h nyx190.engin.umich.edu -d 3
> ERROR:    query[0] 'diag3' failed on nyx190.engin.umich.edu (errno: 0:5)
> On the mom,  I see the following:
> 04/25/2008 13:11:43;0008;   pbs_mom;Job;process_request;request type 
> GSSForwardCreds from host gridlock.engin.umich.edu rejected (host not 
> authorized)
> Now this is the GSSAPI branch, but I don't think GSSAPI has anything 
> to do with this.  Looking in server/proccess_request.c,  the code 
> looks like this:
>   if (!tfind(svr_conn[sfds].cn_addr,&okclients))
>    {
>     sprintf(log_buffer,"request type %s from host %s rejected (host 
> not authorized)",
>       reqtype_to_txt(request->rq_type),
>       request->rq_host);
>     log_record(
>       id,      log_buffer);
>     req_reject(PBSE_BADHOST,0,request,NULL,"request not authorized");
>     close_client(sfds);
>     return;
>     }
> We used to have to set /etc/hosts.equiv etc,  to make things work, but 
> have not had to do that for some time.  I cant even use momctl,
> Thanks guys.
> Brock Palen
> www.umich.edu/~brockp
> Center for Advanced Computing
> brockp at umich.edu
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