[torqueusers] Efficiently using nodes with multi-core CPU

Daniel Bourque dbourque at weatherdata.com
Thu Apr 24 12:43:48 MDT 2008

You accomplish that in Maui using ( in maui.cfg )


jobs will be packed onto nodes according to load average and unused CPUs 
( cpus as defined in torque, not actual CPUs ) , until you run out of 
nodes with acceptable load  average or nodes in available cpus.

I'm also new at torque/maui, so if I'm not doing this properly, someone 
feel free to enlighten me.


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Zerony Zhao wrote:

>Dear maillist users,
>I am new to torque PBS. I have a naive question about setting policy
>of using nodes with multi-core CPU.
>Currently  I set every user can request 1 or more nodes, and 1 or more
>cores in each node. But if one user requests 1 node with 1 core, then
>another user requests 1 node with 1 core, then the two jobs are
>running on the same node, but for efficiency, I wish the second job
>runs on the another idle node? How should I modify the configuration
>file? Appreciate your help.
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