[torqueusers] Efficiently using nodes with multi-core CPU

James J Coyle jjc at iastate.edu
Thu Apr 24 11:39:41 MDT 2008


   I'm a torque user, not a developer.  

   You can use use
qmgr -c 'set server node_pack = False'
this will certainly work if you are using pbs_sched as the scheduler.
If you are using Maui, I'm not sure if the answer is the same.

  This will prefer sending a single cpu job to an idle node.  
If an idle node is not available, it will run on a node that
has at least one processor available.

  I used to run that way, but changed to node_pack = True
since most of my users want to run with many full nodes (ppn=4).
Having serial jobs pack together increases the number of fully idle 
nodes avaialble for these large jobs.

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> Dear maillist users,
> I am new to torque PBS. I have a naive question about setting policy
> of using nodes with multi-core CPU.
> Currently  I set every user can request 1 or more nodes, and 1 or more
> cores in each node. But if one user requests 1 node with 1 core, then
> another user requests 1 node with 1 core, then the two jobs are
> running on the same node, but for efficiency, I wish the second job
> runs on the another idle node? How should I modify the configuration
> file? Appreciate your help.
> Zerony
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