[torqueusers] process_host_name_part() in node_func.c causing coredump on 2.3.0?

Peter van Heusden pvh at sanbi.ac.za
Wed Apr 23 07:34:00 MDT 2008


After upgrading to Torque 2.3.0, I experienced coredumps on starting
pbs_sched. These turned out to be coming from initialize_pbsnode(),
specifically the line

  for (i = 0;pul[i];i++)

because pul is set to NULL in process_host_name_part(), and if this test
on line 956 is false

  if (hp->h_addr_list[1] == NULL)

then memory for pul is never malloced. I moved the code to malloc and
initialise pul out of the if { } statement in question, and pbs_server
now works - is this a known problem? I'm not sure if my changes were
correct, but for now the server is running fine.


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