[torqueusers] TORQUE SGI Altix cpusets

Arnold, Theodore TArnold at hpti.com
Thu Apr 17 13:32:17 MDT 2008

I am needing to install TORQUE 2.3.0 on an SGI Altix 3700 running SGI
Propack 3 (32 processors).  Unfortunately, I do not have access to do
much testing of the installation on the machine, and everything must go
smoothly or the owners will be very upset.  Because of this, I am
wanting to get as much feedback as possible on how I need to do this
before I go down and put my hands on the machine itself.


The machine is not currently configured with any cpusets.  We are
planning on defining a boot cpuset to be 1 processor node (2 processors
+ memory).  

1.	create /etc/bootcpuset.conf

	a.	add line 'nodes=1'

2.	chkconfig --add bootcpuset


Do I need any other system configuration of cpusets for TORQUE to work


Do I need to use --enable-cpuset when I compile TORQUE?


Thanks for your help!


Will Arnold

High Performance Technologies Inc.


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