[torqueusers] tmpdir vs workdir

Arnau Bria arnaubria at pic.es
Thu Apr 17 10:09:25 MDT 2008


I've been reading doc and I can't understand the difference between
both vars...

could someone be more specific than manual? Maybe a  explanation for a


PBS_O_WORKDIR 	the absolute path of the current working

directory of the qsub command The tmpdir mom config option sets the
directory basename for a per-job temporary directory.  Before the job
is launched, MOM will append the jobid to the tmpdir base-name and
create the directory.  After the job completes and exits, MOM will
recursively delete that temporary directory. The env variable TMPDIR
will be set for all pro/epilog scripts, the job script, and TM tasks. 

Is tmpdir mandatory?


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