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Priskin, Juraj (CZ10) Juraj.Priskin at Honeywell.com
Thu Apr 10 00:37:05 MDT 2008



We have running the OpenPBS cluster at Linux network for a while for
batch computer intensive jobs. I was asked to configure the cluster in
order to make possible submit interactive jobs which launch X-windows
application, i.e. running the GUI based application at one of the MOM
machine and see the graphic result on the machine where the job was
submitted. This approach would better balance the GUI applications load
over the network.


I did several trials with interactive job "qsub -I" but I did not get
into the state when the X was forwarded to the client where the job was
submitted. I usually get the "Can't open display" error message from the
application. I tried to set the DISPLAY env. variable to the submitting
node, set the xhost +, etc. but no result. I'm not an expert of
X-windows system at all. Since I'm running quite obsolete slightly
configured OpenPBS 2.3.16, I looked at Torque hoping to find some
solution. It was not the case, thus I'm asking whether someone has some
solution for this issue. 


I know just very few about the LSF, but it somehow supports this


Any solution ?


Thank you,


Juraj Priskin


Honeywell International

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