[torqueusers] ha torque

Steve Snelgrove ssnelgrove at clusterresources.com
Wed Apr 9 15:30:18 MDT 2008

On my test system, the size of this directory is 13 meg.  However, this 
does contain the jobs sub-directory and thus the size will vary 
depending on how many jobs are running.

root# cd /var/spool/torque
root# du -h server_priv
652K    server_priv/jobs
4.0K    server_priv/arrays
8.5M    server_priv/accounting
4.0K    server_priv/disallowed_types
20K     server_priv/acl_svr
4.0K    server_priv/hostlist
4.0K    server_priv/acl_hosts
4.0K    server_priv/acl_users
4.0K    server_priv/acl_groups
8.0K    server_priv/queues
13M     server_priv

I am not qualified to give an opinion on Maui or the scheduler, sorry.

Daniel Bourque wrote:
> thanks
> how much disk space does /var/spool/torque/server_priv typically use ?
> how about the maui scheduler ? should it be running on both headnodes, 
> trying to communicate with localhost ?
> I'm a little confused by the example, where the scheduler runs on the 
> the hosts as pbs_mom and not pbs_server... is the intent to also 
> failover the scheduler along with the shared file system ?
> thanks again.
> Daniel Bourque
> Sr. Systems Engineer
> WeatherData Service Inc
> An Accuweather Company
> Steve Snelgrove wrote:
>> The 2.3 release of Torque has support for HA by allowing two head 
>> node server to access the server_priv files on a shared file system.  
>> See 
>> http://www.clusterresources.com/torquedocs21/4.3high-availability.shtml 
>> for more details.

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