[torqueusers] GSSAPI Branch

Alex Rolfe arolfe at mit.edu
Mon Apr 7 13:38:32 MDT 2008

Georg Troska <georg.troska at cern.ch> writes:

> I recognized a curious bug in the GSSAPI-Branch. I'm using the (from
> my point of view) last stable version 1657.
> When nobody uses the PBS-Server for a long time - long time means
> longer that 10 hours, so that all user-tickets for the server are
> exprired at the server and I do qsub without having a ticket from
> somewhere else the PBS-Server crushes. I would expect a message like:
> qsub: Bad UID for job execution MSG=user does not exist in server
> password file
> But the sever is really down. When I restart it and then qsub with a
> ticket everythings ok. Then I destroy my ticket and do qsub and the
> message appers.
> Needn't the PBS-Server a hostticket that is to be get through a cronjob?
> I hope that this problem has appeared at somebody else too maybe it is
> in the newer releases? I hope somebody who is developing the GSSAPI- 
> Branch could anwer

I've never seen a problem like this.  Are you sure you have the most
recent source from the gssapi branch?  It looks like it's on revision
2074 to me.

If you're still getting server crashes, can you get a core file?  

Finally, I have a few changes against revision 2074 (patch attached).
The only big change that I remember is a fix for one occassional server
segfault.  Note that you'll need one of the OpenAFS 1.4.7 release
candidates to build it because it requires libafsauthent.so (you need
access to the libraries from 1.4.7, but you don't have to be running the
afsd or kernel module from 1.4.7).


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