[torqueusers] GSSAPI Branch

Georg Troska georg.troska at cern.ch
Mon Apr 7 00:40:30 MDT 2008

Hi everybody,

I recognized a curious bug in the GSSAPI-Branch. I'm using the (from  
my point of view) last stable version 1657.

When nobody uses the PBS-Server for a long time - long time means  
longer that 10 hours, so that all user-tickets for the server are  
exprired at the server and I do qsub without having a ticket from  
somewhere else the PBS-Server crushes. I would expect a message like:

qsub: Bad UID for job execution MSG=user does not exist in server  
password file

But the sever is really down. When I restart it and then qsub with a  
ticket everythings ok. Then I destroy my ticket and do qsub and the  
message appers.
Needn't the PBS-Server a hostticket that is to be get through a cronjob?

I hope that this problem has appeared at somebody else too maybe it is  
in the newer releases? I hope somebody who is developing the GSSAPI- 
Branch could anwer

Thanks a lot George

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