[torqueusers] RE: Torque 2.3.0 build issue under SLES10 SP1 x64 (UNCLASSIFIED)

Hazelrig, Chris AMRDEC/SIMTECH chris.hazelrig at us.army.mil
Fri Apr 4 15:34:41 MDT 2008

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I haven't seen any responses to this post, but am wondering if anyone has
had any thoughts regarding the issue described.  I'm having the same
problem.  It appears that the tclxConfig.sh and tkxConfig.sh scripts at one
time were but no longer are part of the base Tcl/Tk RPMs.  I started toying
with pulling them in from an older installation on another system as a
workaround, but have not had the opportunity to pursue further.

Chris Hazelrig
Simulation Technologies, Inc.

US Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command
Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center
Systems Simulation & Development Directorate
Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulations
Redstone Arsenal, AL

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   1. Torque 2.3.0 build issue under SLES10 SP1 x64
      (Alexander A. Naumov)


Message: 1
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 17:47:02 +0300
From: "Alexander A. Naumov" <aln-torque at shadow.nmd.msu.ru>
Subject: [torqueusers] Torque 2.3.0 build issue under SLES10 SP1 x64
To: torqueusers <torqueusers at supercluster.org>
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configure script in the torque-2.3.0 does not recognize 
SLES10 SP1 tk-devel and tclx packages.

umaster1:~/torque-2.3.0 # ./configure --with-tkinclude=/usr/include
configure: Starting Tcl/Tk configuration
checking for Tcl configuration... found /usr/lib64/tclConfig.sh
checking for existence of /usr/lib64/tclConfig.sh... loading
checking for Tcl public headers... /usr/include
checking for tclx configuration... none
checking for Tk configuration... found /usr/lib64/tkConfig.sh
checking for existence of /usr/lib64/tkConfig.sh... loading
checking for Tk public headers... /usr/include
checking for Tcl_Init... yes
checking for Tk_Init... no
configure: Your Tk install is broken.  Disabling Tk support.
checking whether to include the GUI-clients... configure: error: cannot
build GUI without Tk library

umaster1:~ # rpm -qa | grep ^tk-

umaster1:~ # rpm -qa | grep ^tcl

The file tclxConfig.sh is not present in the system, so configure can not 
find tclx. 
Does anybody build torque-2.3.0 under SLES10 with the gui support, or
gui is officially unsupported in the OS?

Best regards,
Alexander Naumov


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