[torqueusers] max job id number?

Wickliffe, Blake W blake.wickliffe at aramco.com
Wed Apr 2 05:01:27 MDT 2008

According to include/pbs_ifl.h in the Torque source:

#define PBS_MAXSEQNUM           8       /* max sequence number length */

So, 99999999?  If so, you've got some breathing room.  :)


Blake Wickliffe
Saudi Aramco
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On Wed, 2008-04-02 at 00:05 -0400, Brock Palen wrote:
> I know someone must have asked this before, but we just rolled over 1
> million jobs, and already have over 1.3 million in gold.
> What is the max job id?  Is it just 32 bit int?  (2^32)/2-1? Just
> curios, as we do many tools based on job ids always getting bigger.

Yes, interesting problem. We are at 1.4M jobs and counting...
Fortunately that cluster is going out of service in a few month

Anyone who knows?

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