[torqueusers] Directory problems (new user)

Miles O'Neal meo at intrinsity.com
Tue Apr 1 15:15:07 MDT 2008

Simon Halstead said...

|I am pretty new to torque and I am having some strange
|I have a small diskless cluster which shares an nfs
|root from a central server. =20
|Torque is installed and running OK. However, when I
|submit a job in, for example, the /home/jobs/
|directory on my server, torque reads the input and
|writes the output to the /home/jobs/ directory on the
|nfs root. If I try to run the job in the nfs root I
|get an error message that tells me the directory does
|not exist.

And you've verified that mount exists on the compute nodes?
|Could anyone tell me how to set up torque so that it
|takes the input files from the directory in which I
|submitted the job and returns the output to the same
|Also,the standard error and output are getting sent to
|the undelivered folder on the node on which the jobs
|was submitted. I would also like these to be returned
|to the directory from which I submitted the job.

Use the man page for qsub.  It looks like all the paths
you need to specify have options to do so.  Once you have
them nailed down, you probably want to put a wrapper
script around qsub that specifies those options, and
invoke that instead of invoking qsub driectly.


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